Maddiebakes strives to make every celebration whether that be a birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc. one to remember. These celebrations not only bring those we love together but also remind us of what is important in life. Maddiebakes believes in the importance of family, friendship and community. Deserts are meant to be shared and enjoyed and most important to make life sweet. 

Starting with all natural, organic ingredients, our desserts provide taste satisfaction, happiness, and smiles. We strive to bring people together and to celebrate a life of joy, delight, and sweetness. 

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About the Owner Madeline Doman

MaddieBakes was created from its founder, Madeline’s love for creating delicious, one of a kind creative pastries and cakes. What started out as a hobby for her family and friends, soon grew to become her passion and now her business.

After graduating with a business minor, and communication degree from the University of Dayton, Madeline moved to Chicago to attend the renowned French Pastry School. There, she graduated with honors, sharpened her skills, and interned with some of the country’s most renowned pastry chefs. She has, and continues to study under such names as Maggie Austin, Nicholas Lodge, and Angela Morrison. That experience led her to follow her dream of starting her own business MaddieBakes.

Continually growing with the knowledge she has gained, she creates her pastries with only the finest quality ingredients, and customizes each creation to her customers requests. She also understands the importance of nut free, gluten free, vegan, and dairy free recipes as she has grown up with nut allergies herself. Customer satisfaction, combined with the love of creating decadent pastries and exceptional cakes is what sets Madeline, and MaddieBakes in a league of its own!